5 Benefits Of Permeable Pavers

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5 Benefits Of Permeable Pavers

17 June 2021
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When looking at paving options for your property, make sure to research permeable pavers. This paving option provides many key benefits compared to others.

1. Erosion Prevention

One of the main concerns for parking areas, driveways, and other areas with hard paving is erosion. Water flowing off the surface can form into rivulets, which then carve through the surrounding landscape and cause major erosion and soil loss. Permeable pavers allow water to percolate through and into the groundwater supply, so there are no rushing streams of runoff water to cause major damage to the nearby landscape.

2. Green Space Preservation

Some areas are more attractive if grass grows over them. Periodic use, such as seasonal parking, can kill the grass and leave behind a rutted mess. There are permeable paving options that look like grids. These are made of concrete or plastic. When inserted into the ground so that the top is level with the soil, grass or other durable groundcovers can be planted into the gridwork. The pavers protect the soil and plants, while still allowing for a firm driving surface and water penetration.

3. Pollutant Filtration

Surface water often carries a lot of pollutants. Some are present in the rain or irrigation water as they are brought to the ground from the air, while others are surface pollutants on paving such as from cars and machinery. When water runs off a paved area, it carries the pollutants in it into neighboring areas. With permeable paving, the water percolates through the paving and then through a gravel base area beneath the paving. This works similar to a septic drainfield and removes pollutants from the runoff before it reaches the groundwater reservoir. 

4. Paving Longevity

Water can pool up on roads, driveways, and parking areas. Over time, the pooling water seeps into the paving and leads to cracks, potholes, and the eventual need for paving replacement. Permeable pavers aren't prone to pooling water so they avoid this related damage. If a paver is damaged, it's possible to replace just a single paver instead of the entire surface. 

5. Appearance Improvement

If you have rutted dirt parking lots, a dusty gravel road, or a driveway covered in a network of cracks, then permeable pavers are just the thing to replace these with a much more attractive surface. Permeable pavers come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors, so you can always find something that matches your aesthetic goals. 

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